Megatronic Theme Documentation

Megatronic is a theme built for the shop owner who is looking to offer many collections through a unique sidebar with lots of ad space to use as well.


Megatronic gives you the ability to complete customize the colors of your links in each state, Titles, the Header background and your Navigation. Here is where you get to make your store in line with your branding. 


Feature even more collections and links using the Sidebar. This is a great way to keep the Main Menu uncluttered. The Sidebar also gives you more space to add small graphical ads to showcase Products, Promotions or anything else you want to communicate about your store. 


Build trust with your customers by showcasing the icons of the Payment Method you plan to accept. 

Want your customers to stay up to date with your shop? Give them the option to sign up to become newsletter subscribers. 

Shipping Calculator

Being able to calculate what shipping will cost is a great way to convert customers. It's always nice to know what the total cost may be making a payment.